The Credit and Debit Card Terminal Options


The Credit and Debit Card Terminal Options

A business is able to increase their sales by having a credit and debit card machine. This type of a point of sale (POS) terminal has already become a more popular form of payment instead of paying with cash.

In order to have payments processed when customers use a credit or debit card, your business will need a merchant account usually with a financial institution such as a bank, and the equipment needed to process such payments.

What you Need

Before implementing debit and credit card terminals in your business, first talk to your merchant account server to see which account is the best one for you.

After you have settled on the type of account that you will open between your business and server, you will need to consider the type of connection and the varying types of card terminals (fixed, portable or mobile) that is best suited to your business’ needs.

The Connection Types

The connection type that you choose will depend on how you will be using your credit and debit card machine. It will also depend on what you have already available and what you are willing to install into your business.

  1. The first connection type is the shared phone line, which allows the card machine and your phone to run off the same single line. However, this will also mean that you are not able to use the phone and card machine at the same time.
  2. The second connection type involves two separate phone lines, which means that the card machine and phone run off two separate lines so that they are both able to work at the same time. However, keep in mind that if two card machines are running off the same line then they will not be able to work at the same time.
  3. The third connection type is broadband, which is a faster way for the payments to be processed. The card machine will need to be plugged into your router meaning that you will not need a phone line to run the card machine.
  4. The fourth type of connection is the mobile GPRS network where a SIM card is used in the card machine, which then creates a portable card machine so that you can process payments whilst on the go.

Now that you know what the connection types are on offer to you, the next thing to look at is the various card machine options.

The Different Card Machines

  1. Fixed Card Machines

Fixed card machines are usually positioned in a set location such as on the countertop in a business. These countertop card machines need to be connected to a power supply and to either a phone or broadband line. The fixed card machine can exclude a PIN pad, which is where the amount needs to be entered into the machine first before it is given to the customer.  Fixed card machines with a PIN pad allows for the amount to be entered into the main terminal and the customer to enter their PIN on a separate PIN device.

  1. Portable Card Machines

Portable card machines can be carried around within a limited area to process payments. Although it has a limited reach, portable card machines work well for processing payments in businesses like in a café where the machine needs to be taken to the customer. There is a base for the charging of the card machine and the data is transmitted wirelessly usually using Bluetooth.

  1. Mobile Card Machines

For mobile businesses that need to process credit and debit cards, mobile card machines are ideal as they don’t require a phone or broadband line. Instead these mobile card machines use a GPRS SIM card and can be charged allowing for you to carry and use the device wherever you go.

  1. Use your Tablets and Smartphones.

It is now possible to transform your tablets and smartphones into credit and debit card processing systems. This allows for payments to be made wirelessly and is also ideal for mobile businesses. The device that you will use needs to have an IOS or Android operating system, as well as a card reader that is able to plug into your device. Once you have downloaded the correct app, you can start processing payments with your merchant account server and the credit or debit card.

In order to determine which machine is best suited to your needs, first consider the type of connection and power supply that is available during your business operations. You also need to consider how you will use the machine, whether it be at a till point or whilst you are on the move. Once you’ve determined your best options from these selections you can now move to purchase a credit card terminal

Card machines are able to increase the number of sales for a business and also make it more convenient and effective for both the customer and business.

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