Credit Card Pitfalls


Credit Card Pitfalls

Credit Cards are a great thing to have as they allow you to buy now and pay for your purchases later. Although it is a way for you to have instant money in your wallet, there are some common pitfalls of credit cards today that we may not all be aware of.


Credit Card Pitfalls

  • Making Late Payments on Your Credit Card

When using a credit card to make purchases, you are expected to pay the amount owed back to your credit card provider each month. If you make late payments, you will notice that it will actually start costing you more. You will accrue late payment fees as well as a higher interest rate.

The late fee will generally be a certain percentage of the amount of the total balance. Also if you miss payments or make late payments, this will reflect in your credit report and your credit score will be affected.

  • Credit Card Charges and Fees

There are numerous charges and fees associated with using credit cards, with many ‘hidden’ fees that you may not even be aware of. Each time you use your credit card there will generally be a fee attached to the transaction. In order to use your credit card responsibly, it is best to ensure that you are aware of all the fees that come with using your credit card and not just the interest rate.

  • Paying the Minimum on Your Credit Card

Paying the minimum amount due on your credit card may seem attractive as it means that you will not have to pay a large amount all at once and are still able to use your card. However, the problem with doing this is that it will take you a lot longer to pay off your debt. Also, the addition of credit card interest will result in you spending a lot more money than you originally owed.

  • Having Too Many Credit Cards

Having many credit cards may seem like a normal thing to do, but in actual fact credit card companies can actually punish you for this. Juggling several credit cards can affect your credit score and may cause your interest rates to increase.

  • Using your Credit Card for Cash Withdrawals

If you take a cash advance or withdraw cash from your credit card, the interest on this will be much higher than a regular purchase. This then allows the interest to accumulate from the start of that transaction. It is best not to withdraw at all from your credit card.

As flexible as your credit card may be, there are also many pitfalls of having one. If you are certain that you need a credit card, you should always read the fine print of all your credit card options so you know what you will be paying in the long run.